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A teenage girl lights a jar of gasoline and pours the flames over her head becoming a human fireball. The Miami reporter says she is protesting the execution of Juan de Peru, the leader of a new religious cult with two million followers. This is now becomes the mode of protests for the faithful and reporters from all over the world descend on Tallahassee, Florid the state capitol and Stark, Florida where thousands of protestors are forming outside the prison, some praying for his life, some praying for his death. CBS news and the ?St. Petersburg Times become suspicious of the murder conviction and begin their own separate investigations. They soon find out he was born and raised as the child god in an Amazon jungle tribe that was thought to be extinct and was about to be sacrificed to their god hen a team of /California explorers recue him and his mother and bring him to America for a new life and he thinks he has escaped his destiny, but he has not.  OUT OF PRINT

A rollicking rimp through the Easter holiday and family tradition by four children who fall in love with the lamb that is to be their Easter dinner. Two five star reviews. Here is one.
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite
The Easter Lamb by Mark Conte is an inspiring story where a lamb is brought to the Vianello family on Good Friday. They fatten up the lamb on Friday and Saturday and slaughter it for Easter dinner. This year Dante, Johnny and Carlo, the three Vianello boys, along with their Irish neighbor, start liking the lamb which is brought home. They name her Delilah and they enjoy playing with her. The family is not too happy with the kids playing with the lamb. The kids make a plan to save her from being slaughtered. Will they be able to rescue Delilah from being slaughtered? If so, what is their plan to rescue her?
    The story is adorable and will make readers laugh and, at the same time, feel for the kids who do not want to slaughter the Easter lamb. Their feelings for the lamb are tangible and also relatable, and readers can identify with the kids' feelings towards the Easter lamb. These feelings evoke sensitivity and love. It's a good bedtime storybook, and parents and grandparents can read it out to their kids and grandkids. Delilah is an adorable lamb and the readers will also love her.
    It's an inspiring story of love and kindness, and it's heartwarming to read how the kids try to rescue Delilah from becoming Easter dinner. The story is simple and will touch the hearts of readers in a big way. 



A decaying body of an eight year old child is discovered on the Navarre-Pensacola Beach road. They soon discover she was actually the second victim and the terror begins in Northwest Florida. The Sheriff departments of four counties, the FDLE and the FBI seem powerless to stop the killer as his murderous rampage continues. The schools are empty. the playgrounds are empty. The stores are almost empty ass parents stay home to guard their children, yet the killer always seems to find a child to take and do his terrible thongs to the dead bodies. FBI agent Jodie Murphy on her first street job teams up with her father's ex partner Joe Carlucci trying desperately to stop this murderous rampage, but the killer always seems to be one step ahead of them because he knows where he will strike and they have to guess & try to cover all areas. The governor calls a meeting of all law enforcement departments. During the meeting the news comes that two additional bodies have ben found in North Okaloosa County and the governor calls out the national guard.
For the first time, this book tells of the heartbreak and sorrow of the families of these victims. How it devastates the family of the victims who will live with this horror the rest of their lives.
     This story is based on an actual case. I have changed the places, the names and the times of these events because I don't want to make a person famous for doing terrible things. 

The Death of Sherlock Holmes & Other Stories - 2018

A collect of stories that appeared in journals and magazine, headed by The Death of Sherlock Holmes with the master detective solving yet another crime in London and his untimely death, which answers every question readers have wondered about for years. Magic is a May-December romance in metropolitan Philadelphia. Moonlight and Love Songs is about a woman who is trying to forget a bad relationship and The Book of Life is about Albert Botham who has committed suicide only to wake up in a room that is all in white with a bearded man behind a desk, leafing through The Book of Life, looking for Albert’s section, who does not remember he committed suicide. On