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           email  markrconte14@aol.com

           twitter   @proseman

          phone   850 396 5651



I am a World War II vet.  Spending most of my service in time in GTMO, Cuba.  I   I had a friend in the air force and we often flew to Santiago Cuba for the weekend.  Once we few to France in late 1945.  I tried to find my brother in law who was figtjind under General Patton but did not see him again till we were both back in South Philadelphia in 1946.  In 1947 I became a professional boxer, but my trainer had to search all my girlfriends' bedrooms to find me so I could train for my fights.  Getting up 5 am and jogging 20 miles  was not my idea of fun I married at 19 to a woman who later became the infanous Ida Iocco, an ill fated marriage that sourer both of our lives and I remained a bachelor the rest of my life, 

    In 1957 I was the number four best salesman in Pennsylvania for Ford.  In 1967 I was the number one salesman for the Life of Florida Insurance Company.  In 1974 I began to publish poetry and short stories, so I went to college, Florida State University and started the Poet series bringing poets like Allen Ginsberg, James Dickey and other top poets to Florida State and I taught a poetry workshop.  In the 1980s I became an independent model photographer of beautiful women who were sure they were ugly.  I published Beat Magazine in 1992-93 and lived on Lake Bradford in Tallahassee, In 2001 I published Northwest Florida Review a; literary magazine.  I moved to the Emerald Coast in North's Florida in 2000 and began writing novels.