Mark Randolph Conte


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Selected Works

Historical, Literary, Romance
Setting the record straight on pre-revolutionary Cuba: a love story by "Easter Lamb" author, Mark Conte
Literary fiction
An orphan rise to greatness.
Selected poems 1970 - 2016
Selected poems from 1980 to 2002
Mystery - Thriller
killer begins his terror in Fairbanks, Alaska, then moves to Northwest Florida with the FBI and the sheriff departments of four counties searching for him,
This story has sex - a lot of sex, two murder trials, a prison riot and a love story so tragic it will break your heart. You won't be able to put this book down.
Story collection
There has been three women who have been found naked, with their heads cut off. It looks like the work of a serial killer, but Holmes is not sure.
The story of people who move to Florida from the northern states who Floridians call Snowbirds.
Masterful suspense