Mark Randolph Conte

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Mark R. Conte

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Mark Randolph Conte has published fiction, poetry, articles, interviews and Guest Columns in 67 publications including Yankee, Crazy Horse, Potomac Review, Washington Post, Miami Herald, Philadelphia Daily News, Tallahassee Democrat, New York Arts Journal, Northwest Florida Daily News, Southern Poetry Review, Poetry International, Poet, Devil's Millhopper, Apalachee Quarterly, Snake Nation, Poem, and others. He was Director of the Florida State University Poet Series where he hosted Allen Ginsberg, James Dickey, Maxine Kumin, Amiri Baraka and others. He was appointed Master Poet for the Poet in the Schools program by the Florida Arts Council and Assistant Director of the Center for Participant Education. He has given reading and lectures at the United Nations, University of Pennsylvania, University of Florida, Florida State University and other schools and colleges.
Books by Mark Conte
Midnight Dreams, anthology editor, 1979,
Walking on Water, poetry, 1986,
Delilah and Other Stories, 2001,
In The Arms of Strangers, 2003,
The Judas Scroll, poetry, 2004
Five Days to Eternity, 2005.
Of Flesh and Stone, 2009,
The Ghost 2013
The Easter Lamb 2015,
The Death of Sherlock Holmes, 2015,
Kathy's Songs, poetry, 2016..
The Winds of Revolution, due August 2017
A Friend of the Family due December 2017
Short stories in the anthologies
Steps in Time
Love Matters.
Crossing Tales
In the West of Ireland
He won Honorable Mention in the PEN American award in short fiction in 1979 and first prize in poetry in the Barbwire Theater awards. He is a member of the Academy of American Poets and an Emeritus member of the Authors Guild.
In photography, Mark Conte took fourth place in the Tampa Audubon Society, honorable mention in Philadelphia's Fairmont Photo Contest and has three photographs in the Balch Institute museum in Philadelphia.
As an entrepreneur Mark Conte started and operated Philadelphia Airport Shuttle and Econoline Limousine in 1987-91 and in 1992 started and published a Beat magazine, a music Magazine in 1992 94.

Selected Works

Historical, Literary, Romance
Setting the record straight on pre-revolutionary Cuba: a love story by "Easter Lamb" author, Mark Conte
Literary fiction
An orphan rise to greatness.
Selected poems 1970 - 2016
Selected poems from 1980 to 2002
Mystery - Thriller
killer begins his terror in Fairbanks, Alaska, then moves to Northwest Florida with the FBI and the sheriff departments of four counties searching for him,
This story has sex - a lot of sex, two murder trials, a prison riot and a love story so tragic it will break your heart. You won't be able to put this book down.
Story collection
There has been three women who have been found naked, with their heads cut off. It looks like the work of a serial killer, but Holmes is not sure.
The story of people who move to Florida from the northern states who Floridians call Snowbirds.
Masterful suspense