Mark Randolph Conte

A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY modern historical fiction.

Cold case Due 2018

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Out of Print Books:
Sex in the Nineties, 1992
Walking On Water, 1986, Poetry
Midnight Dreams, 1979, Anthology of poetry.
The Ghost

Other books

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

The Easter Lamb by Mark Conte is an inspiring story where a lamb is brought to the Vianello family on Good Friday. They fatten up the lamb on Friday and Saturday and slaughter it for Easter dinner. This year Dante, Johnny and Carlo, the three Vianello boys, along with their Irish neighbor, start liking the lamb which is brought home. They name her Delilah and they enjoy playing with her. The family is not too happy with the kids playing with the lamb. The kids make a plan to save her from being slaughtered. Will they be able to rescue Delilah from being slaughtered? If so, what is their plan to rescue her?

The story is adorable and will make readers laugh and, at the same time, feel for the kids who do not want to slaughter the Easter lamb. Their feelings for the lamb are tangible and also relatable, and readers can identify with the kids' feelings towards the Easter lamb. These feelings evoke sensitivity and love. It's a good bedtime storybook, and parents and grandparents can read it out to their kids and grandkids. Delilah is an adorable lamb and the readers will also love her.

It's an inspiring story of love and kindness, and it's heartwarming to read how the kids try to rescue Delilah from becoming Easter dinner. The story is simple and will touch the hearts of readers in a big way.


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The Winds of Will
An American Sailor falls in love with a Cuban woman in the time of the Cuban revolution. Due in May 2017 from Crimson Cloak

A Friend of the Family - due December 2017
Angelina is about to give birth to a baby who will not survive his birth. The cird is wrapped around his neck and the mother may die also. . It is the baby of her neighbor's husband and Angelina's husband Carmine believes it is the right punishment. Angelina dies making sure her baby lives, who become a part of American history. Due in December 2017

Kathy's Songs, Poetry 1970-2015
Crimson Cloak Publishing 2016

How to Find Your Way Home

Wear your tweed coat and checked hat.
The bus stops at the edge of the bridge.
It is a drawbridge and the ships are passing.
An old peddler pushes his cart along the
edge and sings his fruits. There are stars
in the water. Newsboys will shout their

headlines. “Red skies bleed to yellow.”
Ignore them and count your change because it
is a green day and the colors always change
at dusk. This is the way the street opens, but
the cobblestones defy interpretations. Treasonous
taxis sit back under street lamps, doors slightly

ajar. The young women are dancing with
reflections, their heads ringed with beads. The
men are no longer interested in dreams. The
restaurants will be almost empty. No one orders
in English. Pinpricks of light will appear in the
north sky. Hobos will stand with their hats in

their hands, waiting for Venus to appear in the sky. You will know you are there
when the last ship passes. Do not look back.
The bridge is a clock.

The Ghost, 2013
The capture of the serial killer called The Ghost. Out of print

In The Arms of Strangers, 2003
The Gaius Press, a division of the Northwest Florida Review

The chilling tales of life in prison includes doctors who operate on patients without medication, callous medical experiments performed on prisoners by the University of Florida and Miami University and a prison wide strike by three thousand inmates who were shot while singing hymns on the prison yard.
The prison hospital was called The House of Horrors for many reasons. First, it was a place where inmates could be legally killed, because doctors are the only people who can get away with murder. If a guard or inmate had a grudge against another inmate, that is where they could kill him, and no one would notice because there are all kinds of ways to hide a cause of death if you are doing the paperwork on the deceased. The inmates who do not have a family are buried in the prison cemetary. The inmates who do have families usually have been deserted by them and they do not want the expense of burying the body. At that time, whole extended families were wworking for the prison system, and their firendsa and cousins were in official positions in the city or county, and political office in the state.
Some of the doctors began a practice of operating on certain inmates without anesthesia. The inmate nurses would tell the doctors they worked with if they thought the inmate patient was a good guy and deserved medication, or a bad guy that did not deserve medication and the doctors treated them accordingly. Of course, the inmates only recommended inmates they liked or had paid them, and defamed the men they did not like or did not pay.

The Judas Scroll, 2004
"These poems flow like a large river of consciousness. They have intellectual elevations of their own, often with good, sometimes high endings..."

Richard Eberhart

The Death of Sherlock Holmes & Other Stories - 2014
A collect of stories that appeared in journals and magazine, headed by The Death of Sherlock Holmes with the master detective solving yet another crime in London and his untimely death, which answers every question readers have wondered about for years. Magic is a May-December romance in metropolitan Philadelphia. Moonlight and Love Songs is about a woman who is trying to forget a bad relationship and The Book of Life is about Albert Botham who has committed suicide only to wake up in a room that is all in white with a bearded man behind a desk, leafing through The Book of Life, looking for Albert’s section, who does not remember he committed suicide. On

The Snowbirds
The lives of people who migrate to Florida and how it affects them and the people around them, many who have also moved here from otherr parts of the country. The ones who survive, the ones who make it big because of the new start and the ones who find tragedy and heartbreak waiting for them. Due in 2015

Mystery/Thriller due in January 2016

Selected Works

Historical, Literary, Romance
Literary fiction
An orphan rise to greatness.
Selected poems 1970 - 2016
Selected poems from 1980 to 2002
Mystery - Thriller
killer begins his terror in Fairbanks, Alaska, then moves to Northwest Florida with the FBI and the sheriff departments of four counties searching for him,
This story has sex - a lot of sex, two murder trials, a prison riot and a love story so tragic it will break your heart. You won't be able to put this book down.
Story collection
There has been three women who have been found naked, with their heads cut off. It looks like the work of a serial killer, but Holmes is not sure.
The story of people who move to Florida from the northern states who Floridians call Snowbirds.
Masterful suspense