Mark Randolph Conte

A haunting love story in war torn Cuba

The Seven year reign of terror by Dictator General Fulgencio Batista and his cruel and vicious army
Crimson Cloak Publishing, Missouri
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"By Lauren Roberson
Panama City News Herald

If you like books that take place in Florida, this book is a good read. The story revolves around the scheduled execution on June 5, 1970 of Juan de Peru, a South American Indian and the leader of a religious cult in Florida.
Armies of newsmen are in Florida to cover the execution and two others on June3 and 4th. The people who took over de Peru's cult say this is the time for the rapture, and that all two million followers will die with de Peru in a mass suicide.
Outside the prison are 40,000 people, half praying for his life and half praying for his death. The inmates inside begin to revolt.
On that Wednesday the first man is executed, a homosexual who killed his lover. The second man scheduled to be electrocuted killed a police officer. The St. Petersburg Times and CBS news become suspicious of the conviction anmd they begin two separate investigations. The tension build as the clock keeps ticking.
This book is filled with revelations and gives great detail of events occurring around the time of the execution. While reading the story, you'll feel like you're in 1970 experiencing the events first hand.

"A religious thriller that will keep you reading."
New York Arts Journal

"Good Stuff."

"Considering our current events, this is a good read."

An American Book Award nominee

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By “Easter Lamb” author, Mark Conte
The Winds ofRevolution is the haunting love story of a young American sailor who falls in love with a woman battling Batista's evil regime in pre-revolutionary Cuba. The book is a fascinatingly accurate snapshot of time and place that will both intrigue and move the reader.
The author has drawn on his own experience of pre-revolution Cuba to set history straight, weaving together fact and fiction. Telling the story of a young American sailor’sill-starred passionate love for an older woman fighting in Castro’s revolutionary army, historical figures are introduced to paint a graphic picture of the mood of the times and the harsh reality of prevailing living conditions, against which the people of Cuba so valiantly rebelled. The tragedy and the triumph are masterfully set forth, leaving the question as to why the rest of the world so disastrously misunderstood the events that led an entire people to reject the cruelty and abject poverty imposed upon them by a heartless dictator and to wholeheartedly support perhaps the one man who could have united them and saved Cuba for its people.
Fidel Castro's moving speech at his trial under the repressive Batista regime is a graphic testament to a troubled time, but has been largely ignored in the U.S. Included in the fascinating factual section at the back, it makes this book a very important documentary piece, which coupled with the poignant love story at its heart deserves to be read by discerning readers everywhere.

Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite
The Winds of Revolution by Mark Conte is a novel with a strong historical setting against the backdrop of the pre-revolutionary period in Cuba. Follow the story of an unusual, passionate love of an American sailor for a woman older than him, a woman who is embroiled in the revolution in Castro’s army. This could be read as a love story, but it is a powerful document of social consciousness during a difficult and painful period in the history of Cuba, and the author has done a marvelous job in depicting the way of life of the poor in this breathtaking, lyrical narrative. The reader follows the characters through the slums and squalor, compelled to become a witness to the social injustices and political repression that the Cubans suffered.

The writing is gorgeous and readers will enjoy the streams of consciousness that punctuate the vivid descriptions and the author’s poetic gaze that nation on its knees, struggling to rise against its oppressors. The Winds of Revolution is well written, absorbing, and hugely entertaining. pierces reality with forensic clarity. The writing is balanced and the pace measured, allowing readers to get as much entertainment as possible while looking history in the face. Mark Conte puts a lot of life into his narrative by creating characters that are historically real and unveiling the social conditions of the masses within a specific historic moment. The conflict is monumental and as the reader gets pulled into its turmoil, they immediately understand that this isn’t a story of an individual, but the tale of a

What if Jesus came back? Would we believe him? Would we listen to him? Would we kill him again, or is Juan de Peru a fake and the leader of a dangerous religious cult? These are the questions Thurman Williams and the CBS crew must answer in the five days before the execution.
de Peru has had his last appeal turned down by the United States Supreme Court and he is scheduled to die in five days on June 5, 1970. His followers, which have grown to two million people in Florida, Georgia and Alabama, have vowed to die with him and the suicides have already begun. CBS and the St. Petersburg Times have become suspicious of the conviction and have started their own separate investigations, but they only have five days to discover if he is innocent or not.
There are 40,000 people outside the prison, half praying for his life, half praying for his death, and the Florida National Guard, in full battle gear, is stationed at one end of the prison. The Florida State troopers, from every county in the state are at the other end of the prison, ready to disperse the massive crowd on a moment's notice, and the prison yard is on fire.

The pain from the wounds in his hands and feet were so excruciating, they made his limbs throb, and now a new wound was in his side that grew with each new breath. He was weak and disoriented. He ached with dispair and hopelessness. He wondered why he must suffer this pain. Why him? His fleshless skin stretched against the skeletal bones of his body and became almost transparent. One could see his hip bones and the jointed bones that led to his thighs. His ribs stuck out of his chest and his eyes, hollow now and more clear, were sad glimpses of what they once were and mirrored the sorrow in his heart, which though still beating, was a faint echo of the large heart he once had. He was limp from the lack of food and water. His head swam from the gauzy haze that formed in his mind. Alone in his cell, he had no sense of time. He did not know the time of the day, the day of the week, or even the month or season. Time, at last was nothing, yet it was everything.

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